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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  March 8, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> this is wjz, wjz hd, and w baltimore. >> from the city to the county's to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> disgust and outrage.
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the shooting death of a 13-year- old girl least loved ones and lawmakers demanding answers. how a city police officer became a focus of this intense investigation. hello, again. i'm jessica kartalija. here's what people are talking about. we are learning more about that officer this noon as wjz has reported sources say the weapon used to kill monae turnage was found inside his car. wjz is life with the investigation. spent afternoon, everybody. we can tell you that police have taken a dna sample from that officer and a major focus of homicide unit is figuring out just how deep his role may have been in all of this. >> reporter: city leaders and loved ones have expressed outrage, disgust, and sadness over the death of monae turnage. police say the eighth grader was shot while playing with two friends and a .22-caliber rifle over the weekend. investigators believe the boys
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dragged her across an alley and hid her body in the backyard where her brother eventually found her after a frantic search when she did not return home. shortly after, the police charge those 12 and 13-year-old boys with involuntary manslaughter, came the stunning news from sources close to the investigation that authorities on the rifle used in the killing inside the car of an off-duty police officer who was dating a relative of one of the suspects. >> we are getting down to the business of finding what happened to this little child. >> horrible, horrible tragedy. they were spied the fact that there's allegations of police involvement. just the thought of it is, quite frankly, disgusting. i require more from our officers. >> police have filed the charges against that officer. the investigation remains open and active. >> while a community mourns the
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eighth grader, whose wife was taken so senselessly, so suddenly from her family. >> that officer has been suspended. the mayor also spoke about the importance of officers maintaining the public's trust. back to you. >> thank you. she attended march middle school where loved ones held a village -- held a vigil for her last night. firefighters recovering after a car crash. the firefighters were responding to a crash when there truck hit this car. three other people also injured. one man was rescued from the fire. he is in critical condition. the cause of the fire and the crash are under investigation. the man who admitted to stealing hundreds of historical documents from museums up and down the east coast may have sold some of them. live in a newsroom with more on what federal investigators are doing to get the priceless pieces back. >> hi, jessica.
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investigators are reaching out to collectors and dealers who might have unknowingly bought stolen items. he pleaded guilty last month to theft. thousands of documents and objects seized from the manhattan apartment have been traced back to libraries and museums around the country. jessica, back to you. >> thank you. he faces up to 10 years in prison when he is sentenced in may. a sentencing date has not been set. a former army soldier from maryland is charged with trying to join an african terrorist organization. 24-year-old craig baxter was recently arrested in kenya. prosecutors say he had cashed out his life savings and was on his way to join a terror group based in somalia. he faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted. syrian government troops continue their bloody attacks against rebels trying to
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overthrow the regime. susan mcginnis reports for wjz. >> reporter: government forces in syria launched a new wave of deadly crackdowns targeting rebels trying to overthrow the regime. the fighting has left at least 7500 dead. the conflicts began nearly a year ago and show no signs of ending. >> world leaders, including president obama, are calling on the syrian president to stop the attacks and up and down. so far the top officials have remained loyal to him, but a high-ranking member of his government posted a video to youtube announcing that he is dissecting. read from a piece of paper saying, i do not want to end my life servicing crime of this regime. this. >> pentagon officials told lawmakers they are considering a range of options to stop the
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bloodshed. everything from arming the rebels to the possibility of military action. >> ahead of the senate foreign relations committee says and nobody wants to sit on the sidelines that he believes now is not the time to strike. >> it is not libya. they have a very sophisticated missile defenses system, and they have a stronger military. >> but the calls for action are growing. the united nations humanitarian chief tour part of homes, the city at the center of the fighting. she told reporters she saw widespread devastation and wants to know what happened to the residence who called this neighborhood home. in washington, as is mcginnis, wjz eyewitness news. >> serious neighboring countries are rushing to prepare camps near their borders to handle refugees fleeing the fighting. budget talks set to get underway today. members of the senate budget and taxation committee will start making decisions about
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adjustments to cover the proposed budget legislation. some topics up for discussion include the governor's proposal to raise taxes on gases are a lawmakers are working to fill all more than $1 billion deficit. turning to the weather. the official start of spring is away and have a way, but the past few days how it was already here. a gorgeous day out there or you're taking a look at the inner harbor where the sun is shining and the skies are clear. how high will temperatures get today? smarty is enjoying this gorgeous weather. i hope you have your sunscreen out there. >> and my speedo. >> too much information. all right. meteorologist tim weil aims -- tim williams in the weather station. >> you had to ask him. >> it's going to be one of those, the careful what you ask for. looking at a pretty nice day today. temperatures around 68 degrees, 63 out in the coldest part of the state. 60 downtown ashore, 68 at the river. a little warmer today than
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yesterday. 9 degrees warmer. temperatures yesterday in the mid to upper 50s but we are now cresting right around 70 degrees. it's going to be a pretty nice after initiating a public asset changes on the way. sending it out to marty bass. >> good afternoon. i was just talking to the control room and removes the shot. take a look at the breeze without moving in. frankly, it is not a breeze. it is wind. it looks like we will keep this in the area through the afternoon. particularly starting to look to the northwest. let me show you why. we've got an advancing cold front. it's going to be moving southeast through the mid-atlantic over the next 24 hours. there's a lot of shower activity out ahead of what is going to be a weather changing hermas are you take a look at a graphic we have. not expecting severe weather, just shower activity testing in later this afternoon probably through
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the early night. it is going to be noticeably colder over the next couple days. we say colder even though temperatures are so blind to the above freezing. look, 70 today, 48 on saturday. that's colder, but how long does this last? not long at all. great news. that's coming up shortly. knowledge throw it back inside. >> the music world is mourning a respected jazz musician killed in a crash in anne arundel county. joe bird played in his brother charlie's trail. his career spanned decades. the 78-year-old ethan served as a goodwill ambassador to the state department. he died when a driver ran a red light. forms releases its annual list of the world's billionaires. a few marylanders make the cut. kevin plank represents baltimore on the list. the number 1 spot went to
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mexican telecommunication carlos slim. his estimated worth is $69 billion just ahead of bill gates. >> stilted, wjz eyewitness news, a disturbing discovery made in texas. two kids living alone, and you won't believe where. that story is straight ahead. whitney houston's will also reveal. who she left her millions to and who she left out. and another beautiful day in baltimore. will it stay that way? your complete local forecast is coming up. >> on the covers -- coverage continues with don scott, jessica kartalija, it's wjz, ,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> two young children in texas are now in the care of welfare services after being found living alone on an abandoned bus. police say the children ages five and 11 have been living in the broke and on bus north of houston at least 12 hours a day while their great aunt goes to work. the kids say they are homeschooled and sleep and the bus as well. both parents are in federal prison for fraud. no charges have been filed. the contents of whitney houston's will are unveiled and her only child gets everything. she left her entire estate to bobbi kristina. she will get part of it when she turns 21. a little more at 25 and the
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remainder at 30. her ex-husband bobby brown was not named in the will of all. houston was found dead last month in a bathtub at the beverly hills hotel. the exact cause of death has not been determined. the largest solar storm in five years is hitting earth as we speak, but no problems have been reported just yet. the storm arrived around 6:00 this morning. some say the solar flares could disrupt power grids, airline flights, and gps services. >> still ahead that man, a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon. so is the rain headed our way later on this evening? find out in your first warning weather forecast. let's take a look at midday stocks end last night winning lottery numbers. ,,,,,,,,,,
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and southwest bringing with it some great warm air. if you have not been outside in the last few hours, it is surprisingly warm. it really is. right now the temperature is just about 70 degrees at bwi marshall, 68 degrees is the temperature. relative humidity at 52%. it is a gusty afternoon shaping up. 21-mile per hour sustained winds right now. 31 -- 30.16 browser. the high-pressure moving just offshore. a front moving in our direction, so pressure between those two systems creating this wind. gusts expected to be around 30 miles per hour before the evening is out very with the wind so while it's nothing anyone is complaining about. 63 oakland, 66 cumberland, 55 out 10, 70 in patuxent river. around the immediate metro area, temperatures ranging from 64 to 71.
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those winds sustained 21-mile per hour winds at the airport, 22 of tort up in -- up toward oakland. these winds are strong enough that they could delay air travel. keep that in mind. 70-degree temperatures. up to the west wing of the front moving in. the showers are ahead of that front. they move through here late tonight. by tomorrow morning just in time for rush hour, most of this activity is gone. timing is everything. not expecting a lot of moisture by way of that front but it is definitely going to usher in cooler conditions. temperatures will drop to just around normal for the next two days and then go right back up heading into the week are you today going up to about 71 degrees. breezy afternoon, windy at times. those like cloudy and mild with a couple showers. tomorrow going up to 57 which is still above the normal high of
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50. the five-day forecast coming up. >> thank you. still too, wjz eyewitness news at noon, a new study on pregnancy and multiple schoolgirls is. how the two are linked. wjz-13 is always on. here's a top stories at this hour. for instant updates on the news and the updated weather forecast, log ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> in today's wjz health watch, a new study finds women with chronic heart failure survival longer than men with the same condition. scientists looks at 40,000 patients for three years. they found men had a 31 percent higher risk of death than women. researchers say it ain't the female heart is better able to repair its oil from damaged compared to the male heart. and a new study finds women who have been pregnant at least twice reduced their risk of developing multiple sclerosis by 25% area ms is on the rise among women as researchers suggest. it may be linked to women having fewer children and having them later in life. be sure to check in with wjz eyewitness news today at 4:00, 5: 5:00, and 6:00. complete coverage of the accidental shooting death of the baltimore girl continues. and more on the abruption of the sun and its potential effects
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on our state. join us for the stories and the breaking news today at 4:00 right after dr. phil. stay with us. stay with us. your five-day forecast is ,,
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>> well, taking a look at a gorgeous day. we lose an hour of sleep this weekend with daylight savings time. marty, i guess we will enjoy it now. we lose an hour of sleep later. >> but sunday night it's not really going to get dark until about
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7:15. it is just beautiful out here. let's go ahead and take a look at the forecast. we been talking about showers later today through very early tomorrow. down to 57, still above the normal of 41. saturday a bit of a chill in the air but 60 on sunday, 62 monday, 64 on tuesday. as the countdown the end of winter, let's go ahead and throw it back inside. >> don't miss tonight's primetime cbs lineup. 10:00 another episode of the mentalist. stay tuned for eyewitness news at 11:00. finally this noon, guests at a hotel in honolulu make a surprising discovery. this little piglet was found roaming around the hotel lobby. he was taken to the hawaiian humane society where they named her. they are not sure how she ended up in the hotel but now they are focused on finding her a good home reissue will be available for adoption when she's a little older. we should ask andrea what that
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means. >> you know why they found that paid? he was running around the lobby going wee--wee. >> enjoy this weather. >> yeah, it's gorgeous. get out and enjoy it. we wil,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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